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Pamapardu Jukurrpa (Flying Ant Dreaming)

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Pamapardu Jukurrpa is the flying Ant Dreaming which is situated at Wapurtali west of Yuendumu.  In Summer when the heavy rains come the mingkirri (ant nest) are flooded out. The Pamapardu grow wings and fly off following their queen to find a new place to make nests, they either find a completely new site or find an old empty dry nest to make their new home. After they find a suitable place, they drop their wings. We are also able to eat the Pamapardu when they have dropped their wings. 

Art Style: 
  • Contemporary
  • Acrylic painting
Size and orientation: 
  • Small
  • Square
Dimensions: 30cm x 30cm
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Purple
  • White
Price Range: 
  • $10 - $500
Price: $202.00 US