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This story is about my Grandfather and his Uncle.

Size 50cm x 75cm


When my Grandfather was a young man of 11 or 12 the police were after him. This was during the time of the stolen generation. So, his mother and our family sent him to stay with his uncle (for his uncle to keep him safe).


 His Uncle like many were not paid to work, his job was the look after a windmill and bore to water horses and cattle on a out station which he looked after himself.

 Our old uncle was a clever man and had thought about how to make sure no knew that my grandfather was out there living with him.

Every year the station owner gave our old uncle a pair of shoes, they were the same type, with the same tread. He kept these shoes year after year. He made my grandfather wear the same shoes as he had on. So, when the police and station owner came to check up on him, they could only see the same tracks, one set of tracks that belong to one pair of shoes. Every time they would come to check on our old uncle or come looking for my grandfather, he, my grandfather would run and hide up in the trees or in the water tank.


This is how Our old uncle save my grandfather for being stolen and how he kept his family together. We will be forever grateful to our old uncle.