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Dinah Norman | 30cm x3 0cm

Acrylic on canvas framed.
Painted in 2021.
Region: Borroloola

Dinah Norman a-Marrngawi is a senior Yanyuwa women, belonging to the Wuyaliya clan. Her dreaming is a-Kuridi (Groper). Dinah was born in 1932 in a dugout canoe near Anthawarra on Warnarrwanarr (South West Island), as her family was travelling back from the Sir Edward Pellew Islands to Borroloola. She spent her youth travelling around the Islands in dugout canoes with her family. She then went and worked on the cattle stations before coming back to Borroloola in the 1960’s. Dinah is a ngimirringki (boss) for Warnarrwarnarr, which is the country of her grandfather.

Dinah is a senior ceremonial boss and she still composes song poetry. She is wirdiwalangu (boss) for the Yanyuwa women’s ceremony. She is also an important person in regards to teaching of Law and culture to her children and grandchildren.

Dinah has worked at the art centre since 2005. Dinah paints figurative and abstract designs of country. She has a unique visual expression which is spontaneous and exuberant. Dinah is also a proficient weaver and woodwork. 

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