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Women's Dreaming

Women's Dreaming

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June Bird Ngale | 84cm x 122cm

Not stretched or framed  |  Acrylic on Linen

Painted 1996


Framing can be organised on request, please email with the artwork name and size for a framing price.

June Bird was born in 1954 at Waite River in the Northern Territory, located about 1180km South-South East from Darwin. June is the daughter of renowned artist Ada Bird Petyarre and is the niece of Lindsay Bird Mpetyane, who played a significant role in raising her. June’s dreaming primarily focuses on “Alparra Seed Dreaming” which was the dreaming taught to her that inspired her unique artistic style. June’s works are highly recognised both throughout Australia and internationally. June’s works were showcased in 2014 at the “Dot Code: Desert Artists exhibition by Japingka Gallery in Fremantle and before that, June’s dreaming was exhibited in Germany at Wollondilly Galerie in 1999. June’s distinct style encompasses both fine dot work and a clear use of lines, used to depict the sacred Alpar plant, relied upon for both food and medicine. The dot work creating the background of June’s paintings is another signature of hers, incorporating complementary hues of orange, violet, blue, yellow and green, to create a sea of desert colours

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