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Thomas Tjapaltjarri | 61cm x 111cm

Not stretched or framed  |  Acrylic on canvas


Framing can be organised on request, please email with the artwork name and size for a framing price.

Thomas Tjapaltjarri (born 1964) and his brothers Warlimpirrnga and Walala have become well known in the contemporary Indigenous Australian art world as the Tjapaltjarri Brothers.  Thomas began painting in December 1987. His brother Warlimpirrnga had already made a name for himself as an artist and he encouraged Thomas to paint too. Thomas and Walala joined the Papunya Tula artists, and they and Warlimpirrnga eventually gained fame internationally as the Tjapaltjarri Brothers. His paintings depict stories of the “Tingari” cycle, explaining the sacred creation story that occurred during the Dreamtime. His designs are inspired by those painted on the body during traditional ceremonies. Thomas paints in bold earthy colours (black, white and ochres, reds and oranges). He paints geometric “Tingari"" shapes with dotted lines, which is a style that his brothers also represent in their own unique ways. Thomas, along with his brothers Walala and Warlimpirringa, have exhibited widely in major aboriginal galleries in Australia and overseas. "


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