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My Country

My Country

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Nellie Marks Nakamarra | 61cm x 81cm

Acrylic on canvas | Artwork comes framed in your choice of Tasmanian oak, black or white

Nellie was born in around 1976 in Kintore, a remote settlement in the Northern Territory, located approximately 530km west of Alice Springs and close to the border with Western Australia. Nellie was taught the Dreaming of her family from a young age and is now custodian of Dreaming stories from her father’s and grandfather’s country, the region east of Kintore in the Western Desert. With mentors who include Old Mick Namarrari, UtaUta, Ronnie Tjampitjinpa, her stepfather Turkey Tolsen and sister Elizabeth Marks Nakamarra, Nellie has emerged as a significant artist in her own right. Nellie’s paintings are interpretations of the Dreaming of her land – “My Country” and “Travelling Women ''. Nellie’s works are bright and full of life, with an excellent sense of colour and composition.
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