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Bush Tucker Emu Dreaming

Bush Tucker Emu Dreaming

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William Sandy | 100cm x 121cm

Not stretched or framed  |  Acrylic on Linen


Framing can be organised on request, please email with the artwork name and size for a framing price.

William Sandy was born around 1944 near Ernabella in South Australia. He began painting around 1975 at the beginning of the Papunya Tula Art Movement, as he now resides in Central Desert Australia. He is married to Violet Nakamarra who is the sister of Michael Nelson Jagamarra, a renowned Aboriginal artist. William learnt how to convey his dreaming onto the canvas from senior Papunya Tula artists. In addition to being an artist William Sandy is also a traditional medicine man. William paints Emu Dreaming, My Country, Dingo Dreaming and Bush Bean Ceremony. William paints with clean dot work and a natural, earthy colour palette, making his works a clear depiction of his dreaming. 

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