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Barney Campbell Tjakamarra | 51cm x 61cm

Not stretched or framed  |  Acrylic on canvas


Framing can be organised on request, please email with the artwork name and size for a framing price.

Barney Campbell Tjakamarra was born, c 1928, in the desert near Warburton, Western Australia and passed away in late 2006. He was a full traditional member of the Pintupi group. Barney led a traditional life moving around his dreaming country in his role as a traditional man. Barney was deeply immersed in his painting for a long time and he seriously became involved a considerable time before the acrylic movement of Papunya even began. He learnt the skills and techniques from a number of traditional Aboriginal artists.

His country spans approximately some 150kms around the Macdonald Ranges. This area encompasses many salt lakes and wells to the east and west of Kintore. Contained within this vast area of territory are a score or more of relevant traditional sites that he paints.

Barney painted a number of dreaming stories and depictions of the Tingari cycle of the Macdonald Ranges and Tjukurla using different techniques when painting. One style incorporated the use of roundels in dot form or in block form. These stories were handed down to Barney by his grandfather and his father from generation to generation for many thousands of years.

Barney was a highly respected member of his people and followed a very traditional lifestyle. He was very confident and proud when speaking of his traditional ways and was an ambassador of his people.

Barney painted his dreaming stories totally naturally in a straightforward and delightful way. These qualities reflected his persona and the spirit of his family, his country and his people.

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