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Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming)

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Artist: Angelina Nampijinpa Tasman

Size: 107cm - 107cm 

This painting is Pirlinyarnu (Mt. Farewell) about 165km west of Yuendumu in the Northern Territory. The 'kirda' (owners) for the water dreaming site at Pirlinyarnu are Nangala/Nampijinpa woman and Jangala/Jampijinpa men.

This Dreaming story is of two Jangala men who are rainmakers sang the rain unleashing a giant storm that collided with another storm from Wapurtali at Mirawarri. A 'kirrkarlanji' (brown falon) carried the storm further west from Mirawarri where the two storms travelled across the country from karlipirnpa. A ceremonial site for the water dreaming near Kintore